Willkommen in Aicha

The village of Aicha with approx. 480 inhabitants is located at an altitude of 730 m near the fortress of Franzensfeste. With an area of 65,000 square meters, the Franzens Festung is the largest historical complex in South Tyrol. The village, which was first mentioned in a document in 1147, belongs, together with Viums, to the smallest districts in the municipality of Natz-Schabs in the Isarco Valley. Today, beautiful orchards dominate the landscape around Aicha, terraced vineyards used to spread here.

Not only is the landscape enchanting, there are also some cultural sights to be admired in the area, from fairytale castles to medieval towns. Due to its central location, Aicha is the ideal starting point for day trips and excursions throughout South Tyrol.

Natural monument old lime tree

In the Middle Ages, linden trees were often places where courts were held.

An old linden tree stands next to the cemetery wall surrounding the Church of St. Nicholas. Because the trunk has cracked, the exact age of the linden tree can no longer be determined. However, it is estimated that it is several hundred years old. It is held together with iron bars.

St. Nicholas Church

According to tradition, the church was built around 1402 from a small chapel, and construction was completed in 1464.

The fresco above the church portal on the porch of the church, uncovered in 1985, is said to have come from the well-known South Tyrolean painter and carver Michael Pacher. The pointed tower with the four bells also dates from this period.

Chestnut grove in the “Köstental”

The chestnut grove “Köstental” is located on the eastern northern edge of Aicha. The chestnut trees are under nature protection.

In the Middle Ages, the main use of the chestnut was as a staple food. It was considered the “poor man’s bread”. And to this day, the noble rarity from the South Tyrolean kitchen and also at the “Törggelen” in autumn is indispensable.